u really can’t separate someone from their politics n i truly thought for the longest time that even if someone had horrible views, if they were a nice person then it was ok. but i’ve learned that their horrible views really do shape them, their niceness is a facade or highly specialized. there’s no such thing as a nice racist or nice sexist or nice zionist b/c how can u truly be nice if u support the oppression of a group of ppl ? 

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You can always get a hyper-confident family member to slap down the Grim Reaper’s iPad (yep!) and demand that the dead be resurrected.


when ur really strong


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Jung Woo-sung setting my heart on fire

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Taemin debuting as a solo artist while Sulli takes a break isn’t doing a lot to convince me that they’re not the same person.

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maartje verhoef / valentino / resort / 2015

maartje verhoef / valentino / resort / 2015

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